Blue Horrors – How To Paint Warhammer Quest

The middle size bundles of blue magic, here’s how we painted the Blue Horrors from Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower.


In this episode…

  • Airbrushing
  • Oil Washes
  • Blends
  • Details
    • Flames
    • Daggers
    • Gold Bracelets
    • Teeth & Nails
    • Tongues
    • Eyes
  • Review


Starting with our favourite Vallejo grey primer the models were given a complete coat of Electric blue.  I added white to the cup, around 1:1, and built up the first highlight.  The second highlight was a mostly white mix with a little electric blue.  It’s easy to start a little too dark with these mixes test them and add more white if needed.

I struggled here as I had not removed the safety cap from the airbrush.  I could only really manage to do a general highlight to the face.  Once the cap is removed it’s easier to be more accurate and paint smaller highlights.


Oil Washes

The oil wash in this case was Prussian blue.  It was applied all over the model and then cleaned off the raised surfaces with a cotton bud.  After a coat of matte varnish it was time for Emma to add some magic to these guys.



The blends on the hands feet and tentacles were achieved by layering thinned down Drakenhof nightshade and finished with a coat of thinned Druchii violet to add a tint.  I think Emma would have preferred them to be a little more purple, she could have perhaps worked in some purple layers earlier.





Emma decided to try and paint the flames using shade paints so she started by base coating them with Ceramite white and then washed with Cassandora yellow, which had a very bright effect.  Once dry to really complete the effect they were then finished off by painting Fuegan orange to the tips of the flames.


This turned out to be a really fast and effective way to paint flames, great for a more cartoon and bright style of painting and I’m sure something we will be using again.


The daggers were base coated with Leadbelcher then given a wash of Druchii violet to the hilt and Nuln oil to the blade.  They were then finished with highlights of Runefang steel.


Gold Bracelets

These were base coated with Retributor armour, shaded with some thinned Reikland flesh shade and edge highlighted with Liberator gold.



Teeth & Nails

Emma painted the teeth and nails with a Rhinox hide base coat and then layered on Ushabti bone.



The tongues were kept a bit darker than the rest of the model.  It was a case of painting them with Screamer pink and then washing with Druchii violet.



Finally the eyes were finished by dotting them with White scar and covering them in Bloodletter red glaze to create the glowing effect.



The Blue Horrors were great models to paint and being almost entirely blue they didn’t take too long either.  They are well suited to this method of airbrushing and oil washing.  Emma got to experiment with making the dark blends with Drakenhof nightshade which add interest to the blue.  I think Emma’s method for painting flames will come in useful again.  Overall another set of great fun models to paint.



If you’d like to know more about the techniques we’ve used on all the models and how we made the bases please check out the Techniques – How to Paint Warhammer Quest article here.

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