Brimstone Horrors – How To Paint Warhammer Quest

Here’s how we painted the small but fiery Brimstone Horrors from Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower.


In this episode:

  • Airbrushing
  • Oil Washes
  • Details
    • Eyes & Faces
    • Teeth
    • Bases OSL
  • Review


After priming the models with Vallejo grey surface primer I painted the whole model with Moon yellow.  I then added Orange fire to the colour cup and tried to paint everything except the faces and backsides.  I wiped the cup out and went to straight Orange fire aiming for just the tips before finally adding just a little Bloody red to the mix to darken the tips.  The models then received a good coat of Vallejo gloss varnish.


It might have been better to use a grey primer here as the yellow did appear a little green at first but I think we got away with it.

Oil Washes

Emma experimented with primary yellow, orange and crimson red oil washes, working from light in the middle of the model and getting darker at the tips.  This was the first time we had used oil washes and found it very easy to experiment and it was a lot of fun.  Emma darkened the tips of the flames and the mouths, using crimson red at this stage too.

This is when we learnt how much fluff can come off a cotton bud so now we try and use make up applicators or our fingers instead.




Eyes & Faces

After sealing in the oil washes with some matte varnish Emma added some highlights to the faces using Yriel yellow.  She then painted the eyes with Ceramite white and covered them with Waywatcher green glaze.  I find it easier to paint eyes and small details like this with White scar so I have also listed it here.



I then painted their teeth by base coating with Mournfang brown and layering with Ushabti bone and Screaming skull.  These are the only models using Mournfang brown on these parts, we now prefer Rhinox hide as a base.



Bases OSL

Finally the models are protected with varnish and attached to their bases which Emma had dry brushed with Fire dragon bright and Yriel yellow to create the OSL effect.



The Brimstone Horrors were great fun to paint and a good choice to get us started.  I had fun with the airbrush and felt I got a good result without much effort.  Oil washes were easy and forgiving to learn, Emma took a liking to them after some practice.  The OSL is a nice final touch that Emma made look easy.   Overall we really enjoyed painting these ones, fast easy and fun.



If you’d like to know more about the techniques we’ve used on all the models and how we made the bases please check out the Techniques – How to Paint Warhammer Quest article here.

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  1. Can you do a tutorial for your bases? Are you planning on using similar bases on all of the WHQ-ST miniatures?


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