Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth WIP Update

Since I’ve been playing with our camera set up I thought I’d share the photos of all the WIP marines I’ve started painting for the Calth game.



The Ultramarines have come along a little further since my last post.  All the power armour is now highlighted.  They need, eyes, plasma weapons, banner writing, bases and transfers…  So still a way to go!




The Word Bearers I painted before the Ultramarines.  My first models for nearly 5 years, so I’m surprised with the results.  They are almost done but there are no glyphs or writing on any of them.  I’m going to use the transfers to do this but want to wait until the dreadnaught is done so I use the ‘best’ ones on him.

The camera setup could do with some more attention for consistency if nothing else but hopefully a step forward.

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