Our First Airbrush

We got our first airbrush today.  Neither of us have any experience so this will be an adventure but a necessary one.  Since I live in a first floor one bedroom flat it’s hard to arrange times and places to spray aerosols and they are not good in the flat!  So we got ourselves and airbrush primarily for priming but I hope we can do something a bit cooler with it after some practice.


It’s a Sparmax Arism kit which comes with the Sparmax MAX-4 airbrush.  It’s 0.4mm which is apparently relatively large but should be good for priming and an excellent starting point.


Because even this level of airbrush kit has a significant (but not unreasonable) cost a good cleaning kit seemed like a sensible purchase.


We can’t wait to try it out with some paper and old sprues at first!

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