Pink Horrors – How To Paint Warhammer Quest

Here’s how we painted the Pink Horrors. These are the biggest and meanest of the Horrors included in Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower.  If you haven’t already why not check out our write up for the Brimstone Horrors and Blue Horrors.


In this episode…

  • Airbrushing
  • Oil Washes
  • Blends
  • Details
  • Flames
  • Daggers & Silver Parts
  • Gold Parts
  • Feathers
  • Tongues
  • Gems
  • Teeth & Nails
  • Eyes
  • Review


After priming the models with Vallejo grey primer it was entirely base coated with Warlord purple. The first highlight was made with around a 1:1 mix of Warlord Purple and Squid Pink.  The next highlight comes from pure Squid pink before adding some white to the mixture and aiming the final highlight at the face and extremities.  This classic combination produces a really vivid and bright pink colour.



Oil Washes

Emma created her own suitably dark wash by combining crimson and violet.  As normal it’s easy to experiment until you get the colour the way you want it.



Emma slowly built up the blends with thinned down layers of Carroburg crimson and finished them off with Druchii violet.  Admittedly she lost patience with the final layers and they went on too thick.  Whilst there might not be much definition left between the toes I think the darkness of the hands works really well.  Emma did then brighten some areas with Warlord purple.




Borrowing from the technique Emma used on the Blue Horrors the flames were base coated with Ceramite white before being washed with Cassandora yellow.  Once dry she added some Fuegan orange to the tips to enhance the effect.  She even hung the models upside down whilst this dried so it collected more on the tip.


Daggers & Silver Parts

Nothing out of the ordinary here Emma base coated with Leadbelcher washed with Nuln oil and edge highlighted with Runefang steel.



Gold Parts

Another common method they were base coated with Retributor armour, washed with Reikland fleshade and edge highlighted with Liberator gold.



Emma wanted to practice here what she might do on the Gaunt Summoner.  The feathers were base coated with Ceramite white.  Then, to create the blend, she painted overlapping layers using thinned down Athonian camoshade, Bieltan green, Guillman blue glaze, Druchii violet and Carroburg crimson.




Those bright blue tongues were made by base coating with Ceramite white and applying multiple layers of Guillman blue glaze.



Emma took the chance to try out the new Citadel Gemstone paints.  She started them off with a nice smooth covering of Stormhost silver and finished them off with Soulstone blue gem paint.

Teeth & Nails

The teeth followed our usual method of base coating with Rhinox hide and layering up a bit of Ushabti bone.




Emma wanted the eyes to be bright so she started as she did with the flames.  Base coated with Ceramite white and washed with Cassandora yellow.  Finally she carefully painted on the thin lines of Abaddon black.



There’s a bit more to these guys compared to the Brimstone and Blue horrors and their bigger too.  However they are still mostly one colour so pretty fast and fun to paint.  Emma’s proud of her work here and I think she should be, I can’t wait to meet them in the game.


If you’d like to know more about the techniques we’ve used on all the models and how we made the bases please check out the Techniques – How to Paint Warhammer Quest article here.

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