Tzangors – How to Paint Warhammer Quest

How we painted the Tzangors from Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower.  These bird man beast man type monsters are pure Tzeentch madness.  Before we start I will say these guys didn’t really go to plan, prepare for a journey…


In this episode…

  • Airbrushing
  • Shading & Purple Blends
  • Purple Chainmail
  • Purple Cloth
  • Strapping & Pouches
  • Skulls
  • Turquoise Armour
  • Weapon Handles
  • Weapon Blades & Silver Parts
  • Gold Trim
  • Feathers & Manes
  • Beaks & Horns
  • Hooves & Toenails
  • Eyes
  • Review


The airbrushing didn’t really go to plan beyond priming with Vallejo grey primer.  I spent a long time coming up with a pale blue colour from Squid pink, Electric blue and white 2:1:8 but when sprayed it came out a lot lighter than I had wanted.  I highlighted this up with Wolf grey.


Shading & Purple Blends

Because the base was so pale instead of our usual oil washes I chose to carefully shade the models with some thinned down Drakenhof nightshade.  The purple blends on the feet and tentacles are done with layers of thinned down druchii violet.



Purple Chainmail

This was painted with some old school Amethyst purple metallic paint, shaded with Druchii violet and drbrushed with some Necron compound.  I wouldn’t advise going out of your way to get the old paint, it really wanted to clog up the details rather than make things purple.  Basing with Leadbelcher would have been fine.


Purple Cloth

I shaded this with several coats of Druchii violet straight over the pale blue base.  Then layer with Genestealer purple and highlight with some White scar mixed in.



Strapping & Pouches

These were both base coated with Rhinox hide.  The strapping was edge highlighted with Leather brown and the pouches were layered up with several thin coats of the same.



The skulls were also based with Rhinox hide and this time layered up with Ushabti bone.



Turquoise Armour

Probably an area where I wasted a lot of time.  I painted these with Sotek green and then at first I then tried to layer on temple guard blue whilst leaving a shadow but this was taking forever.  So I stopped being careful and covered everything with Temple guard blue and then shaded with thinned down Coelia greenshade.  So really the first Sotek green layer was a waste of time and just made it harder for the Temple guard blue to cover.


Weapon Handles

Base coat with Warplock bronze and layer on Runefang steel.  I’ve never quite worked out how to layer these neatly.



Weapon Blades & Silver Parts

Like almost all of our silver areas base coat with Leadbelcher and highlight with Runefang steel.  Before highlighting shade them with Druchii violet for the weapon blades and Drakenhof nightshade mixed with Nuln oil 1:1 for everything else.


Gold Trim

Like most things we paint gold base coat with Retributor armour, wash with some thinned down Reikland fleshshade and edge highlight with Runefang steel.




Feathers & Manes

These were all washed along with the skin and then highlighted with Ghost grey.  Then I thinned down a number of shade paints and painted the feathers and manes with overlapping layers.  The shades used were Carroburg crimson, Druchii violet, Drakenhof nightshade, Coelia greenshade and Bieltan green.  In hindsight when doing this again I’d definitely replace the Drakenhof nightshade with Guilliman blue glaze as this gives a much brighter cleaner effect.


Beaks & Horns

The beaks and horns were layered up with thin layers of Bone white, Scrofulous brown, Dark flesh and Black.  I like the Vallejo paints for this sort of thing as I find their are a bit more transparent than Citadel paints.  Whilst the beaks were fast to do the textured horns took a long time and were tricky to do.  To add some depth I shaded with Seraphim sepia before finishing them off with an edge highlight of Screaming skull.



Hooves & Toe Nails

Base coat these with Rhinox hide and add a couple of layers of Ushabti bone.  For the hooves paint the Ushabti bone on with lots of thin lines from top to bottom for a cool effect.



Another of our common techniques.  Dot the eyes with White scar and then cover them with undiluted Bloodletter red glaze for a nice glowing effect.



These are great models with nice details that really suit and reflect Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower.  However I didn’t enjoy painting them and I’m not overly happy with the finish but that’s not the model’s fault.  I think this is a good example of why it’s always a good idea to write down a plan for the painting before starting.  I was so excited to paint these I charged ahead at full speed and that meant mistakes.  I may come back to them one day and paint in the gems and tidy up some things but there are many more models to paint!


If you’d like to know more about the techniques we’ve used on all the models and how we made the bases please check out the Techniques – How to Paint Warhammer Quest article here.

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