Update time!


It’s been quite a while since we’ve posted anything to our blog and it’s definitely time for an update!

In brief we stopped painting for a few weeks and did lots of real work until Warhammer Quest:Silver Tower was released.  We went to Warhammer Fest and got to have a chat with some GW legends and try the game out.  We’d already pre ordered before we arrived though and had the week off work to build and paint as many of the models as possible.


WHQ has always been my most played and favourite GW game but I haven’t played it for years.  Whenever discussed with my friends I would state “The only way I’d play WHQ again is if I were to write a new rule set for it.”  Well it looks like I don’t have to now =D

It was a fun week and we’ll be posting photos of the painted models as well as write ups on how we got there.  Our posts on the famous Spikey Bits facebook group have been quite popular and we’ll be posting these write ups to the http://spikeybits.com blog.  We’re humbled by such an opportunity.

I’ve struggled for years with painting and even as I’ve improved I am still constantly unhappy with the majority of the models I paint.  My recent progress seems quite popular and even I am pleased with some of my models!  However I’ve only just started painting at this level.


Emma has only just started painting at all but I don’t always feel like it’s a master – student relationship.  It’s quickly become an apprenticeship as we collaborate on finished models similar to the way glass blowers work.

Hopefully it will be fun to document our journey now we’ve started painting like this, good and bad models alike.

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